Wednesday, October 1, 2014

getting past your features

i previously stated that i am an average looking guy with assymetrical features: my nose has been broken several times, i have crooked teeth, my ears stick out a little, i have lost some hair, and my spine has an extra vertebrae, so my neck is slightly longer than average. I know what i am working with, and i can overcome it with a variety of compensations to draw attention away from these memorable features. i cant do much for the nose, but i close my lips to keep the teeth from view, i wear a nondescript cap with brim to cover the head and when i look down the brim conceals the face.  The ears i cant hide, tucking them into a hat looks silly and draws attention to the face. i tend to wear a jacket with a collar which helps with the neck problem.
This brings us to another subject: clothing. Most of this will be obvious, and i will try to not focus on the obvious but try to conceptualize some things and even dispel a few myths about certain types of clothing.
When blending in, it bears mentioning that in a sea of drab colors, bright colors stick out, and conversely, in a sea of bright colors a savvy eye will catch the drably colored. Now to dispel a myth or two, i have read that some advocates will say not to don tactical wear (to become "tacticool"), I say that tactical wear is all around us, a by-product of the fashion industry co-opting the military-industrial complex. Half my kids wardrobe is camo shorts while
half my own casual wardrobe is warrior wear, condor, or cargo pants of some kind, and I blend in fine, black hacker shirts and all. Know your environment, where you are going, and perhaps pack an extra shirt or scarf to change up the profile. we will cover EDC down the line.
esoterically, we've all heard about people have their colors done, you know, which colors work best with your skin tone and textures and what-not, so I recommend having a disinterested third party do your colors so you can have a scheme that allows you to comfortably move within it, or maybe even someone close to you who can say "i like brown on you" and you can either take or leave their judgement.
Wear quiet shoes, or nondescript sneakers.
All of this is not to say just be a big blob of drab, but if you intend to blend in, dont stand out. this blog will contain lots of dumb catchphrases like that. Avoid earrings or visible piercings, and facial tattoos.

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